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Serasa Clubhouse - update 26/04/23

Dear Members,

Since April 1st we have our new caterer (il Pomodoro) running the show in Serasa with their soft launch menu. First of all, I would like to introduce our lovely new team lead by Ken (first from left). There is more staff members which will be joining very soon.

The last few weeks the entire il Pomodoro and RBYC team have done an incredible job to change over in a very short time. There was a lot of work that needed to be done including cleaning, rearranging the kitchen, repairing, installing new equipment, dealing with a big water pipe burst, …

We know that not everything is working perfectly yet, but be assured that we are working very closely with the il Pomodoro team to fix everything. Talking of improvements, we have received a lot feedback. Please continue doing this through our admin staff. Be it positive or with improvement suggestions.

I for myself already found some of favorites, beef rendang and chicken popcorn.

Ah and one more thing, finally we have a very good coffee. I’m missing a kid’s menu and a really good burger. – Daniel (il Pomodoro), our new caterer already knows this and will include this in their full menu, which should be out very soon. It will include more varieties, sandwiches, quick meals and also to cater for vegetarians and gluten free diets 😉

In the meantime, if you have any inquiry, special food request, are missing something on the menu, etc. Please talk to Ken. The team will do all possible to accommodate your request.

We as the RBYC are in the process of purchasing new glasses, plates, etc. So, this will be sorted out very soon as well and are planning some new events.

Thank you for the continuous support and I hope we will have all sorted out very soon.

Your Serasa Member

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