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Serasa Catering Tender (update 2nd Dec 2022)

Dear Members,

As you are most likely aware, the committee has been conducting interviews for the purpose of contracting a caterer for the Serasa Clubhouse. This has been a long and somewhat stressful endeavour.

The present caterer, (Mr. Teng) who has been working with the club for over three decades, no longer possess a business licence in Brunei and such is unable to continue as our caterer.

The committee has allowed Mr. Teng and Reggie to continue to operate for over one and a half years in order for them to obtain a new business licence, but as of now they have been unable to present one to the club. Please see our letter about this matter from Sept 6th as well.

Unfortunately the club cannot operate a restaurant service under these conditions, so we must move forward.

During the interviewing process of the short listed caterers, the committee suggested the possibility of the new appointed caterer to consider hiring of the existing Serasa staff and transferring them onto their quota. All agreed that could be done, but obviously it would be between the present staff and the new caterer.

The committee trusts that the members understands the situation and continue to support the club. The change will only happen next year, but we want to take the opportunity already to thank Mr Teng and Reggie for the decades of service and support for the club.

Sincerely yours

The Committee

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