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RBYC COVID-19 – UPDATE (20/08/2021)

Your committee had its monthly meeting last Monday night – first time via ZOOM to comply with the Covid-19 directives. It’s been a busy period for club staff, the committee and our caterers making the required operational changes since the shutdown of regular club services in compliance with the broader community changes initiated by the Ministry of Health.

We’ve all been very fortunate to have over a year of limited COVID-19 restrictions in Brunei. Your committee hopes this present situation will start easing in the next few weeks, so club operations can return to normal and members can again enjoy the usual variety of facilities, services and functions.


Our initial COVID-19 update (from Aug 8th) highlighted how boatyard operations, dining services and sailing dinghy activities have stopped. This is the result of the community wide COVID-19 restrictions, including notification from Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports with regard to recreation and sporting activities, and direct communication from Marine Police to confirm recreational boating activities are presently shut down. Simon, our Club Manager, has seen the Marine Police in action near Serasa Spit, stopping boats.

Unfortunately, although the new Jet Ski and small boat launching ramp was completed about the time these COVID-19 control practices were introduced, this new ramp, and the existing boat launching ramp services are both closed; to comply with current government regulations. There can be no boating operations from RBYC for members’ boats at the moment. We will advise if this changes. However, the following two boatyard related functions are available:

1. Members can enter the boatyard to complete essential boat maintenance tasks, such as charging batteries, checking equipment etc.

2. Members with moored yachts can enter the boatyard to travel to and from their boats.

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, life continues at the club to make certain your club facilities remain functional and ready to resume operations immediately the opportunity arises. Club staff have been organised into smaller working teams to maintain essential functions at each clubhouse, including clubhouse cleaning or maintenance, beach clearing, plus boatyard and clubhouse security.


Of particular importance at this time is your support for our club caterers, so they can maintain their staff salaries and business activity. Both our caterers have introduced take-away and delivery services. Both are developing special menus with meals suited to take-away and delivery.

Please think first about using club meal services when you need that break from home cooking, or your immediate family has a birthday, anniversary, exam results or other reason to privately celebrate at home. Please regularly check the news section of the club webpage to stay UpToDate.

The club will send regular, direct-to-member updates, using principally email, or WhatsApp, regarding catering, take-away and delivery services so you can still enjoy an RBYC dining experience, at home, during COVID-19 restrictions.

We are also planning promotional and discount initiatives to help you support the club. Please watch our direct contact channels – webpage, email or WhatsApp – for member only information and promotions.

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