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Entry rules info - 24.03.2022

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Dear Members,

To ensure the proper control of members and your guests entering the club premisses, the stewards and security personnel have been instructed to always verify for the Club membership card or an identity card. All guests will also have their identities confirmed and will be directed to a waiting area if they arrive before the member inviting them, to await the arrival of the inviting member.

The presence and identities of all members and their guests will be recorded in the RBYC Gate Entry System which has been implemented at both Club premises.

We hope you understand this, especially considering the changing security guards, members join and leaving and more than 800 active members. The Club must enforce this to ensure that we as members can continue to enjoy the privileges of membership.

Here the most important rules:

  • One member can bring a max. of 2 guests at any time

  • Guests can visit the club a maximum of 3 times in a calendar year.

  • The member host is responsible for the guests at all times. Guests must leave the Club when host member leaves the Club.

  • For more details see communication YCN-8 from Nov 27th 2021 or ask the Club admin office.

Your Club Admin

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