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COVID 19 UPDATE - 24/08/2021

This update addresses specific concerns related to maintaining the integrity and capability of the club. Please read and take care to protect the club and staff. So a return to full operations can be swift when permitted.


Club promotions will be sent direct to members principally via email, or WhatsApp. Most will also appear on the member’s only section of the club website. Social media channels will not be used.

Maintaining RBYC’s Private Club status means that:

  1. Communication to members via publicly accessible channels – such as social media – is not always appropriate.

  2. Effective control of non-member access to the club is critical. The committee is working on additional options to manage this. There will be more information about implementing existing and new procedures to manage members’ guests, club visitors (eg visting yacht crews) and reciprocal members before COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Past and recent experience demonstrates that public promotion (eg; via Instagram) of dining services available at the club, or members publicly broadcasting photos via social media of their club dining or events can be detrimental. Therefore, please be considerate of general Brunei community practices and thoughtful of the potential negative consequences for the club and members before publicly posting your activities at the club.

During COVID-19 restrictions, this also means not posting publicly accessible – or transferrable – photos or reports of enjoying non-halal RBYC take-way, delivery or catering meals in your home.


Please remember that club staff and our catering contractors follow strict COVID-19 working practices to reduce their risk of becoming part of the transmission pathway. If you visit the club premises – for boatyard and moored yacht tasks or to collect take-away meals – please follow the same requirements for COVID-19 protection used elsewhere; thoroughly wash/scrub hands, wear masks and maintain social distancing at all times. Please help protect club staff and caterers so they can continue to serve you.

Best Wishes

Allan Riches


Royal Brunei Yacht Club

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